Added Value Services


Our Added Value Services

In addition to the conventional services that any technical company could provide you, with respect of the wide range of maintenance & renovation services we are committed to offer you our added value services up to your satisfaction.

We offer our technical expertise with a commitment to deliver reliable services, to enhance the durability of your assets, make your home feeling and living better. We give you the guaranty to manage efficiently your energy and resources for a better assets value and lower operation cost. And even, if your concerns fall outside of our area of expertise, we will still do our best to provide with some of our partners for your needs.

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Annual Maintenance Contract

GIS Home maintenance packages offer the most effective and convenient way to ensure your home is always in good working order. Our maintenance packages have been designed to provide you with everything giving you the confidence that your home is well maintained and looked after by dedicated professionals.

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Smart Home Services

Nowadays, homes have been labeled as being “SMART” brought by so many technological advancements which bring us to the fast-paced lives most of us lead. Because we put our clients at the heart of everything we do, we ensure that these home automation products bring security to home owners, saves their time, increase convenience, increase peace of mind and contribute to the community’s economic progress.

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