Air Conditioning


Air Conditioning

Keeping your AC units running all the time could have possible breakdowns and will need someone to fix it without wasting your time waiting. GIS Home provides you reliable and on time professional technicians who respond to your needs for AC repairs and services whether it is window AC unit, split AC unit or FCU.

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FCU AC Servicing250 AED
  • Checking and cleaning all air filters
  • Cleaning all grills.
  • Checking of evaporator coil
  • Inspection and cleaning of condensate drain trays
  • Checking motors and blowers
  • Checking and cleaning of chilled water strainer
  • Checking actuator and thermostats
  • Checking of chilled water valves and pipes
Split AC Servicing250 AED

    • Checking condition and operation of fan coil unit.
    • Cleaning all air filters.
    • Checking all coils especially for cleanliness.
    • Checking Condensate tray and drain.
    • Checking the motor and fan.
    • Checking Thermostats.
    • Cleaning all grills.


    • Checking condition and operation of condenser.
    • Checking coils for condition, cleanliness and obstruction.
    • Checking condition and operation of condenser fan, including controls.
    • Checking of compressor

Refrigerant system

  • Checking condition and operation.
  • Checking the refrigerant gas pressure and topping up if necessary (gas will be charged separately)
Window Ac Servicing250 AED
  • Cleaning all air filters.
  • Checking and cleaning condenser coils.
  • Checking and cleaning evaporator coils.
  • Checking and cleaning condensate tray and drain.
  • Checking the motor and fixings are secure.
  • Checking condenser and evaporator fan blades.
  • Checking compressor
  • Checking thermostat and selector switches
  • Checking for refrigerant leaks in components and connections
  • Checking refrigerant gas pressure and topping up necessary. (gas will be charged separately)
New AC Installation

Commercial & industrial

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